Our redesign services transform an outdated room that is no longer working for you and make it a space you can’t wait to use. Codie begins with identifying the function of the space and reimagining the space to meet your needs. The design is executed with the furnishings and materials that were decided during the design process. The result is a transformed space that functions well and speaks your style. 

New Construction

Our new construction services walk you through every step of the building process so we create a cohesive look throughout your new home. We will source high-end materials to give you the home of your dreams so that . Our new construction services include project management to give you maximum benefit and less stress.

Materials, Furnishings, Finishes

Your one-of-a-kind design begins with design consultancy to understand the function, look and feel you want for your home. With access to global markets, we will source materials, furnishings, and finishes from your project from around the world, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind home. Our design services ensure your home is curated specifically for your style needs.  

Design + Project Management

Codie Donahue Interior Designs offers complete design services from the planning stage through final execution, walking you through each design decision and helping you find elements that fit your aesthetic. Project Management services are available to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible with contractors that are involved. 

Is there a room in your home that needs transformation?

Codie Donahue is attentive to the needs of your home and customizes her design services to fit your project.

Create the home of your dreams.